Friday, October 12, 2007

'Ye vs. Curtis (1 Month Later)

Okay, so I meant to make this post yesterday, but... I crashed.
Anyways, Kanye's official sales are placed at 1,409,400 copies, Fif is at 956,800 copies. So who really won? Neither of them, because Kanye and Curtis both moved substantial units, sure Kon is at almost 500k more than Interscope Jackson. But, the real winner? The suits at Universal Records. Interscope is under Universal, Def Jam is under Universal. So there wasn't really any competition. The same guys won in the end. They still received substantial profits, Curtis and Kanye both hyped up a non-existent beef. What do I think they would've sold without the Rolling Stone Cover or any of that. Kanye: 720,000 and Curtis: 420,000. (I'll finish later).

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