Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Why "American Gangster" is the most crucial album of Jay-Z's career...

Everyone thought that "Kingdom Come" was so important in the progression of H.O. But realistically, we all knew that that album would sell based off of it being his comeback album. Why American is so significant is that it proves whether Jay has the ability to accurately convey a steady concept throughout an album. From what I've heard the album has some shining moments. My question is will it be a real match of the album or a Dark Side of the Moon/Wizard of Oz match.
(for all you Black Republicans out there, Nas is supposedly on Success, Jay wouldn't let anyone hear his verse)


Title Producer(s) Featured guest(s) Time
"Blue Magic" Pharrell Pharrell 4:12
"Fallen" Jermaine Dupri
"I Know" Pharrell
"Ignorant Shit" Just Blaze Beanie Sigel
"American Gangster" Just Blaze
"No Hook" Diddy & The Hitmen
"Pray" Diddy & The Hitmen
"Sweet" Diddy & The Hitmen
"Party Life" Diddy & The Hitmen
"Roc Boys" Diddy & The Hitmen
"Say Hello to the Bad Guy" DJ Toomp
"Success" No I.D. Nas
"This Shit Right Here" Marvin Gaye (sample)
"When the Money's Gone" Jermaine Dupri
Untitled Timbaland

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