Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Saigon is a little whiny bitch.

Sorry about my inactivity as of late, I haven't really felt like there was much for me to be inspired to post about. But, as I was checking Celebully.com I notice that one of my personal favorite rookie rappers, Saigon has "retired" from the rap game (here)

I was going to go off on a whole rant about this but I figured. Saigon is just freaking out like he did at Just Blaze last year and then apologized. And if he is retiring, I'm sure he'll make an excellent accountant. Because, I just feel that he's going to do what he did last time, be pissy for a week, post a retraction and leak a single from his album. Because I'm sure there are SOOOOO many opportunities for a verbally gifted ex-con.

PS: Expect me to be posting more often.

there's the whole thing if you want it via XXL Magazine. IT'S HILARIOUS.