Sunday, December 9, 2007

It's like a more hood "International Player's Anthem"...

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Weezy F. Crazy....

I just read the outtakes from Lil' Wayne's cover story in Complex...
C: Do you think you will ever settle down with one woman?
LIL WAYNE: I think they don't commit to a nigga, they committed to a myth. I'll be on the road two weeks straight, the whole time I'm telling them, "oh I'm coming home, oh I love you blah, blah, blah" soon as I get there, I done pulled in about seven that evening, at 10 I'm going straight to the studio. Ain't no woman want to get into that. I got marriage in the future, though. I just don't talk too much about it, because I ain't sure yet, that's the example of saying I'm engaged and nothing happened and I ain't do that, but marriage in the future, hopefully. You know the person when you just ain't ask it yet, [laughs] I ain't ask her yet but...

C: Does she know who she is?
LIL WAYNE: Mmm-hmm. I was thinking hard, the [BET] Awards are tomorrow, so I had the ring-I don't have it with me, I was trying to get it for tomorrow, but it's a problem, fuck y'all up.

Read the whole thing here, it's worth a laugh or two.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Saigon is a little whiny bitch.

Sorry about my inactivity as of late, I haven't really felt like there was much for me to be inspired to post about. But, as I was checking I notice that one of my personal favorite rookie rappers, Saigon has "retired" from the rap game (here)

I was going to go off on a whole rant about this but I figured. Saigon is just freaking out like he did at Just Blaze last year and then apologized. And if he is retiring, I'm sure he'll make an excellent accountant. Because, I just feel that he's going to do what he did last time, be pissy for a week, post a retraction and leak a single from his album. Because I'm sure there are SOOOOO many opportunities for a verbally gifted ex-con.

PS: Expect me to be posting more often.

there's the whole thing if you want it via XXL Magazine. IT'S HILARIOUS.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

American Gangster Track Preview...

Here they are... Courtesy of XXL Magazine's Website. Umm... Sorry about the inactivity I've been really fucking swamped.

Friday, October 12, 2007

'Ye vs. Curtis (1 Month Later)

Okay, so I meant to make this post yesterday, but... I crashed.
Anyways, Kanye's official sales are placed at 1,409,400 copies, Fif is at 956,800 copies. So who really won? Neither of them, because Kanye and Curtis both moved substantial units, sure Kon is at almost 500k more than Interscope Jackson. But, the real winner? The suits at Universal Records. Interscope is under Universal, Def Jam is under Universal. So there wasn't really any competition. The same guys won in the end. They still received substantial profits, Curtis and Kanye both hyped up a non-existent beef. What do I think they would've sold without the Rolling Stone Cover or any of that. Kanye: 720,000 and Curtis: 420,000. (I'll finish later).

Jay's "Blue Magic" Video:

featuring Pharrell, from American Gangster November 6th. I would've thought he would've gone with something that fit the Gangster Movie motif, but what the hell I like the song.